Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To Hipster, or Not to Hipster?

OK, first off I'm sorry I've been MIA on this blog for so long, break lacked the fashion inspiration needed to properly post. Secondly, I have a profound and deeply ethical quandary I need our followers (27! Holy merde!) to weigh in on.

So this year I've gone around mocking anyone and everyone wearing fake glasses, that is until a friend of mine whose opinion I hold in the utmost respect proudly wore a pair, and looked adorable. Not only that, but she made me try them on, then flattered my ego to the point I purchased a pair and have tentatively worn them around town a few times. So here's my question: Are fake glasses just another charming accessory for the non-visually challenged, or are they fit only for pretentious wannabe hipsters?

I'm begging you, let me know, is my face more pleasing to the eye with glasses, or are they to
o magniloquent to bear?


  1. i was never for or against fake glasses, but i caught my sister was wearing fake glasses and at first i made fun of her, but then i realized that they were just so damn cute, it didn't matter. i vote that they're for anyone that looks good in them.
    plus, i've seen yours in person, and i LOVE them on you. and since i'm just so in love with your face, i like them both with or without glasses.
    i'm not sure if i'm making any sense, but basically i want you to wear them at least on occasion.

  2. I'll admit it: I wear fake glasses. I've always wished I could wear them; somehow, they seem to elevate the nerd aspect of every outfit (which I love.) It is sad (only half kidding) that I have perfect eyesight, but at least I can throw on a pair for the day and pretend!My friends love to tease me, but its been about 4 years and 4 pairs and I'm not quitting anytime soon...

  3. Those are so cute! I unfortunately am stuck with real glasses, so that fashion option is sort of lost on me. I mean really now, they're just another fashion accessory! They're pretty much sunglasses without tinted lenses. What makes that so hip? The irony? Is irony hip? Auuuugh my brain! Whatever, if you like them, then you should definitely wear them!

  4. I love these glasses. Very cute. If one has the opportunity to accessorize in a new way, why not??