Monday, January 25, 2010

I Want

I was shopping mod cloth and once again found a bunch of things to lust after I'm way too poor for. Mostly I love the names they give their clothing:

Sci Fi Heroine Dress (I wanna be a sci-fi heroine soooo bad!)

Windy City Dress (I live in Chicago, I am powerless to resist)

Lucky Star Dress in Dance (not an exciting name, it is a pretty dress though)

And lastly, the Fiona Short (named for Fiona Apple)

I absolutely love the snow (I made up a whole religion centering around my love for snow) but I do miss strolling around downtown in floaty sundresses (don't tell the snow faeries).


  1. OOh I love those Fiona shorts! I might have to add those to my list of things to get for Spring. ;)

  2. hehehe... i just bought stuff from mod.

  3. Those shorts are spectacular. Judging by your comments so far, they're universally appealing! I also love the asymmetry in that Windy City dress. Isn't Modcloth wonderful?

  4. That first dress and last pair of shorts are killer. I love modcloth stuff, but have yet to buy something from there.

  5. I love, love, love everything on this post -- especially the Windy City dress and the Fiona shorts!
    My first time on your blog -- so cute :)
    xxoo Josie