Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thinking Up Titles Is Such a Pain In The Ass

So I've been looking for a good pair of boot cut boyfriend jeans for forever and been failing miserably. All the girl's pants are way too tight in the ass and super low-cut. Then I discovered the boy section. With beautiful long jeans that fit around the waist but not too tight in the butt, and big pockets too! Don't even get me started on how warm and comfy that sweater is.

I said in a previous post I wanted to try something different style-wise, so I tried this. I absolutely love people with a super casual laid-back style, not the ones who wear sweatpants to class, but the vaguely hippie chillout style. I'm also a big fan of grunge. I love being girly, but I have to say it's nice being warm and comfortable all day. I think I'll have to invest more time in finding nice looking casual clothes.

Jeans, sweater and shirt from Urban. Orange shoe is mine, blue shoe belongs to my friend Sally.


  1. love the look.... totally adorable. so wonderful when you find the perfect jeans. that colour green looks great on you! xx

  2. agreed! i feel like i started really liking fashion when grunge was in. when i was in middle school i was such a fan of that cargo/camouflage baggy pants with a teeny tank top. it just looked so comfy.
    you definitely look comfy and satisfied in that outfit- you stylish girl, you! haha

  3. Loving the Chucks shot! And I've yet to find my perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. Way to go!

  4. Yeah I would really love some comfy boyf jeans too.. maybe with some rips in the kness..

    oh and now that i think about it i think those sneakers were actually from big w but Im sure target would have some similar


  5. yes...I live in Madrid...I´m glad you liked the city...´cause it´s a really great place to visit and to live in...

    thanks for passing!!!

  6. very beautifully nonchalant look. i really love a bit tomboy feel in that outfit. that mismatched sneakers are cute. i wish i could pull off bf jeans as well as you do :)

  7. hi Genny,

    i love this look! real laid-back but still very cool! your last pic makes me smile. it makes the whole outfit more fun!