Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globe Awards 2010

There were some gowns that I was very impressed and disappointed with last night. I tried to narrow this list down, so here we go! (just click the picture for larger images)
The ones that I didn't like so much were:

I was shocked by this Alexander McQueen gown. I'm a huge fan of Cameron Diaz and I was expecting something more flattering on her amazing body.

I like that Fergie chose an Elie Saab in this color, but this one sort of reminded me of junior prom...

I'm not gonna lie- this vintage YSL is lovely, but for the Golden Globes? I was expecting more from the woman who sat next to Paul McCartney.

I appreciate that Kate was going for a different with this Marchesa instead of sticking with something safe, but in the end, this dress was a bomb.

In my humble opinion- Chloe Sevigny's Valentino dress was the worst one there. Sorry.

The ones I loved:

I'm a big fan of Emily Blunt's Dolce and Gabana.

I'm not a big Maggie Gyllenhaal, but I have to admit that I was thoroughly impressed with her light coral Roland Mouret.

I've heard a lot of bad stuff about Sandra's Bogetta Vantena, but I was actually in love with its purple-ness! Maybe I'm just biased, because I love Sandra Bullock.

What can I say? Garner's Versace dress is just as classic as she is.

Felicity Huffman wore a beautiful nude outfit that she looked stunning in.

Hands down- my favorite of the night. I've never watched Glee, but I think Dianna Agron looked absolutely stunning. Perhaps it's a little boring compared to the other gowns of the night, but it's something I'd wear in a heartbeat.
xo, Alexi


  1. I just made a post about this too! I loved January Jones and Kate Hudsons!

    lovelove, M.

  2. I'm with you on everything you listed, but I will say. I'm not usually a Maggie Gyllenhal fan, but she looked absolutely beautiful last night.

    Maybe the dress, maybe motherhood? Whatever it is, it's working.

  3. My favorites were Diane Kruger, Anna Paquin, Kate Hudsons & Anna Kendrick!!

    You need to look up on Anna Paquins...hers was all sequins and the cut was gorgeous!!

  4. Loved the globes. Totally agree with all your picks.

    Found you on fashion therapy - I'm a Chicago blogger, too! Nice to meet you :) Great blog!

  5. Even better - I see you're following a Loyola related blog. I just graduated from Loyola :)

  6. great reviews!

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  7. these events always have much beautiful clothes *-*

  8. Oh, and Alexi: Do you like redo nail with what colors? More differents, more light, more dark ... ?
    I was curious now:)

  9. I love your commentary on the dresses! Awesome and right on target! (-:

  10. Dianna looks gorgeous!!
    And I love chloe Sevigny dress, I saw it in the runway, and when I saw it in the red carpet I actually scream.

    thanks for your comment!

  11. Now I have to disagree with your thumbs down for Chloe Sevigny's dress! It's only 'cos I think the sun shines out her ...

    Hahaha sorry.


  12. love your picks!! and I didn't mention her in my post but I thought Dianna Agron looked amazing as well!

    xo C,

  13. i actually thought julia roberts wasn't that bad! plus, with that bling on her neck.. that black number was great (plus, she was dressed for the rainy day! haha!)

    i think one of the bad outfits was the one by tina fey! omg!!! such a miss!

    thanks for your comment in my blog. you should definitely catch switchfoot if they come by again! :D

  14. The last one is amazing! <3
    Oh, and you're welcome ^^
    It makes my day too when I see I have a new follower ;D
    It makes me think something like "Wow! Someone is intrested in what I post! Ö"
    And it makes my day too that I made your day! ;)


  15. I loved Jennifer Garner's, Sandra Bullock's, and Maggie Gyllenhaal's!

  16. I agree 100%! Diana looked totally beautiful, as always!

    Thank you very much for your lovely comment! I just started that blog up about a week ago, and I am getting a lot of lovely comments, so thank you, and keep them up! haha

    And yes, Le Love has been a favorite of mine for some time now. I always come away from it inspired :0

    Great blog, darling :D

  17. I am so sad about Chloe Sevigney's dress! I adore her style usually, but this dress was definitely a dud :(

    And I freaking LOVE Maggie Gyllenhaal! I think it's because she has such a unique and personal style, and she exudes beauty, even if her appearance isn't that of the cookie cutter glam movie star chick.

    And I agree on Sandra's dress... absolutely gorgeous (and I love the peep of leg through the sheer fabric!).

  18. All I got out of the Golden Globes fashion coverage is that Christina Hendricks has like the biggest boobs ever. Seriously they are bigger than my head. Way to eat your Wheaties Christina.