Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Different Clothes, Same Outfit

So I intended to do another post on my apres-Christmas bounty, but taking these I realized it's pretty much the same outfit as before. Tights? Check. High-waisted skirt? Check. Funky shoes? Check. I wear a high-waisted skirt with tights and a cardigan almost everyday (unless I'm wearing a dress with tights and a cardigan). On the one hand, it's always a good idea to have a simple go-to style for when you need to look stylish without putting a lot of thought in (ex. first week back at school). On the other hand, true style is all about innovation and originality, so clearly I need to shake things up. I'm planning a different kind of outfit for tomorrow, so we'll just have to see what you think.

Do you have a style or outfit that you use as your go-to? Any suggestions for what I should do to break up my routine? Are you a fan of classic style or do you tend towards the more shocking or contemporary? Let me know!

Also, a couple people commented in my last post about my collage. So here is Genny's 8 Step Guide to A Dorm of Style and Cheap Class
Step 1: Wait until the night before an exam or paper. Procrastination ADD energy is crucial.
Step 2: Purchase a magazine you read regularly.
Step 3: Make green tea. I recommend Tazo tea in Zen flavor
Step 4: Read magazine and drink green tea. Feel happy.
Step 5: Rip out cool looking ads, photo shoots, whatever
Step 6: Tape them to your walls. I prefer OCD straight lines (what is it with me and mental disorders, huh? Hint, I'm crazy), but you can also cut out images and make some real art, if you're so inclined
Step 7: Admire.
Step 8: You might want to consider starting that paper now. Or decorate another wall, it's your choice.

Urban shoes, tights, shirt, and skirt. Anthropologie sweater.


  1. ohh, love that skirt! it reminds me of the (slightly longer) one i got from anthro over break.
    and i love it with the tee.

  2. hahaha i love your 8 Step Guide to a Dorm of Style and Cheap Class. that skirt is so cute! as for my go-to outfit, it's usually a graphic t with a skirt, but i haven't been able to do that lately because i have three tights- all in the hamper.
    genny- you're the best blog partner ever!

  3. I always wear a singlet and shorts. pretty boring so i try to add a lot of accessories. to get out of a style rut i like to just clean out my closet, find some long lost items, and try all kinds of weird stuff on together. try tucking and tying things diffently and layering I guess? I dont really know I just like to play...
    love your collage by the way!

  4. I love your style, keep wearing your skirts and tights girl they look good on you lol and yea your wall is fire! my wall was filled with magazine pages..but then i moved :( but you have inspired me to make a brand new wall of fame in my room lol

  5. Your eight step guide is awesome :) Too bad I just got married and i don't think the hubs would approve of that kind of decorating... otherwise I would be doing it! Tonight! Glad I found your blog! Cuuute outfit!!


    Meg @

  6. Loved the 8 step guide! I wish my husband would approve... lol!!!

    Your outfit is my favorite! I want to wear that tomorrow!

  7. Style invention is good, but I also think people gravitate toward the same look over and over for a reason -- most of kind of know what we look/feel good in, and that outfit looks über cute on you! And you can always change up a "uniform" was things like jewelry and accessories anyway.