Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Holy Ghost People

Hype me on Lookbook!

But in other news, today I played dress up with my new 1950's thrift store find. Curled hair, red lipstick, and saddle shoes complete the picture.

Monday, July 19, 2010

To Everything There is a Season

It's really crazy how much you can change in one year. Even more insane is how much you can change in 5 years, in just one thing. Take, for example, my hair.

Me, sophomore year of high school. I started out with my hair long and unkempt. This wasn't so much a stylistic choice so much as I didn't bother to learn how to blow-dry hair until I was like in college. Ok, I'll be honest, I'm still not great at it...

This is me from prom my senior year. Junior year I got my haircut into a fantastic messy textured bob type thing. I got a ton of compliments, many phrased along the lines of "I never noticed you before but now I actually think you look good!" While flattered this incident made me afraid to grow my hair out for years.

Freshman year of college I decided to try something I'd been thinking about getting for years: a pixie cut. Also I decided to go ginger, another thing I'd wanted to do for forever.

And then the awkward growing out stage. I have pictures that are way worse, but you can bet your ass I'm not posting them online.

More growing out, except I really like this length. This is basically the messy bob I got so many compliments on in high school. I'm growing my hair out right now for fun, but something tells me I'll end up back at this. If something works for you go for it. Just ask Anna Wintour.

Worst haircut ever, but I basically got what I asked for. I'm always envious of other people's bangs or edgy cuts, but they always look terrible on me. I really do best with simple hair styles. And bangs are always a poor choice for me because I have so little patience for styling them. I do like the dark color against my skin, I'd be willing to go brunette again.

Aaaand this is me as of today. The dark hair lightened, the ginger faded, it's all still growing out (especially those bangs). Not sure what I'm doing next, planning on growing it out, but the wait is so long and awkward stages are so, well, awkward.

P.S. In case you didn't catch it in the previous photo, I got my nose pierced! New addition from this weekend.

It's amazing how much a different hairstyle can change your look, and it's always amusing to realize how different you or your tastes have become in even a short period of time. So now I've shared mine, I think you need to share yours. Best haircuts? Worst haircuts?
I demand to see them all!