Monday, February 8, 2010

Nobody Else But You

They say everyone needs a signature scent. It's that indefinably feminine thing we're all supposed to have going on. As someone who takes scent very seriously (I cannot abide bad smells at all, but then who can?) I completely see the appeal in having something that is definitively yours. A friend's sister told me she purposely used the exact same perfume, hairspray, and gum at all times to maintain her unique aroma, but that seems like an awful lot of effort. I'd settle for a signature perfume, but finding the perfect perfume is so hard. I wish I could pull a Serena Van der Woodsen and mix my own (in the books at least, I don't know about the TV show) but sadly I must rely on the kindness of designers.

Above are my three favorite scents. To the left is a fresh grassy smelling scent from Gap called "Minteva",
next to that is a birthday gift from a dear friend, it's very spicy and oriental smelling. Last (and my favorite) is Marc Jacob's Daisy. I woul
d gladly wear that everyday, but I'm afraid of running out (it's so expensive!).

I was just curious, do any of you have signature scents? I could also use some perfume recommendations. In general I like fresh scents, citrus, or spicy musky vampy scents. Not so much for the flowers. Post suggestion in the comments please, I'd love to see what you think.

P.S. If Alexi gets to put up a picture of her cat, I'm doing mine. Her name is Claidi, and she's fat, fluffy, and evil.


  1. hi!

    perfume is very important to me. i use them everyday! i got to say burberry london is one of my favorites! it smells so nice!

    "this fragrance features top notes of rose, Clementine and honeysuckle as well as tiar flower, peony and jasmine with base notes of sandalwood, musk and patchouli." - from

    give it a try. you may like it! :)


  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to check that out next time I'm downtown.