Friday, February 12, 2010

Despite the Snow

I had an induction ceremony to go to last Sunday. The attire was business casual, so of course I saw this as an exc
use to wear a cute dress despite the freezing cold, haha. I froze just a little bit on the way there, and I was convinced that my heels would be the death of my in that snow, but it's okay. I survived. There were these chocolate dipped strawberries that I didn't stop eating, and some mini baked potato appetizers. Don't you just love mini food? All the flavor's there in one bite!

Jacket: Felia's Basement
Necklace: a boutique in Belmont
Dress: Mango
Tights: American Eagle
Purse: grandmother's
Shoes: Zara

You can't really see my accessories well since there were taken on Photobooth, haha. I'm so professional. Here you go:

The dress is actually my sister's. See how good she looks in it?! Photo complement of my grandmother:

xo, Alexi


  1. Hey Alexi! Thanks for commenting, sorry it took me so long to get back to you (school sucks). Yeah, I added in that font at the bottom. It's cool though, right? :D

    Love those shoes you're wearing in this post!

  2. Cute dress! Love it :) Aren't you so excited for summer? I know I am!!



  3. That dress is so cute! I would have froze to wear it too! :D


  4. You look so pretty! i like the dress a lot!

  5. so cute! this dress is absolutely perfect on you!

    thanks for checking out my blog...and yes, marine life are the MOST incredible creatures ever...they have amazing shapes and really is amazing to me.

    i'm glad you stopped by my blog...i'll be following yours now!

  6. Amaaaazing dress!
    You look so fabulous ^^


  7. you look pretty! the dress is so feminine!

  8. Love your shoes.

    Thanks for your comment!

  9. stunning! i love the dress and accesories, shame its so freezing over there:(

  10. very cute outfit..i love the strapless dress a lot..its very flattering.

  11. Love the heart shape of this dress!!