Monday, February 22, 2010

Mail from Australia

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, it's no surprise that I have once again been online shopping. I found this clothing site through Polyvore called Monster Threads. There was this pullover sweater I really wanted and the fact that the store is based in Australia didn't stop me. So last week I received a sweater from Australia- isn't that exciting? It's also proof of my unstoppable shopping addiction. I can't wait to do an outfit post with it soon! It's so cute and comfy.

And while we're on the shopping subject, I bought a few goodies from ModCloth
a while ago that I can't wait to receive. To justify these recent purchases, I must tell you that I haven't been able to go out and shop for a while, plus I've been saving my paychecks for the past month.

Earrings: Target
Top: Forever 21
Tank Top: Mango
Sweatshirt: Monster Threads

xo, Alexi


  1. Soooo cute!! I'll have to check this site out.

  2. Great top! I've been following your blog like forever ;p love all the stuff here! :D


  3. lovely pullover - i like the print on it very much!

  4. Wow, an octopus ring! Be sure to take close-ups :)

  5. great jumper.
    nice print

    xx robine

  6. that loooks like such a comfy sweater! i love polyvore!! i get so much inspiration from that site :) <3 thanks for follow hun!

  7. awee, you are so adorable! :)
    oh, and i just wanted to let you know that the link you leave in your comments doesn't work! i think it needs to be :3

  8. i am just about to go check out this site. you look too cute with that sweater! so so lovely. nice blog! :)

  9. Naww your a cutie :) Like the sweater