Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Who cares who won? Let's admire the pretty!

Starting with the "ugh, what were you thinking?" category:

Blech, enough of that. I'm moving on to clothes I like, care to join me?


  1. i missed the red carpet portion of the oscars!! rachel mcadam's dress is stunning!!!! what's up with that 3rd dress in the "ugh, what were you thinking?" category? desperate attempt to draw attention to her boobs??

  2. How can you not like Sandra Bullock's Kruger's dress? They were the two BEST. I was quite disappointed with the looks at the Oscars this year. It all kinda sucked. But different strokes for different folks.


  3. Great Oscar fashion!

    Courtney - http://sartorialsidelines.blogspot.com

  4. Sandra Bullock's dress was way too shiny to me. It hurt my eyes. And I thought Kruger's had too much going on in one design. Actually my favorite part of Oscar fashion is dissenting opinions, bring them on!

  5. I loved SJP's, Sandra Bullock's and Diane Kruger's dresses. They looked amazing. I also think Charlize Theron's dress was pretty cool - if Lady Gaga wore it, lots of people would be in love, but I think Charlize can't really pull it off. I totally agree with your "like" section however, and the very first purple dress in this post is ATROCIOUS. Thanks for the Oscar fashion summary!


  6. Oh man, Robery Downey Jr. looked AMAZING!

    I have to disagree about SJP's dress though. It's different, yes, but I rally like it.