Sunday, March 28, 2010

Makeup Skills?

First on Effy...

Now on me!

So my first attempt at a makeup tutorial. I'm going for the above look, but I did mine a lot lighter and less intense because I'm not a total BAMF like Effy. Please watch and let me know what you think!


  1. well done - im awful at doing make up i really should practice x

  2. wow love it very beautiful! x

  3. Looks good!


  4. genny!!! that tutorial was amazing. get ready for a long comment:
    i loved how you showed your personality in it with the ADD comment and when you joked about the crazy old lady look. and, of course since you know me, i really appreciated the purple suggestion for brown eyes. i also liked the tip for a vanilla color even if you have darker skin and the lower mascara tip. i think that just doing one eye was a good idea too because we got to see the contrast and it also made things quicker. i could literally disect every minute of that video and tell you what i enjoyed about it and how i wish i were in my room instead of the ic right now so i could try this out, but that would be too long so just know that i loved EVERYTHING bout the video except that it was long. i didn't mind watching it because it's you and i love you, but other readers might lose interest because of the length of the video. which is too bad since it's an awesome video. i don't know how you'd shorten it, though. sorry i've got no suggestions for that... maybe make the introduction part shorter? don't know.