Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Camp Destroys My Attractiveness Possibilities

So I got a job at a summer camp at a nature center. Goodbye pretty clothes, goodbye fun purses, goodbye cute shoes. Hello sports t-shirts and khaki shorts everyday!Basically I'm trying to excuse why I haven't updated in forever.

Instead of necklaces and jewelry I wear a lanyard with a plastic name-tag and keys attached. Plus my dad's man watch (I actually kind of like this addition).

I also wear tie-dye now. No, I'm serious.

Aaaand I wear these combo hiking/river shoes. They're like legitimate crocs. Oh yeah, I'm serious.

And this is my new carryall.
So I'm sorry I never post anymore, you can kind of see why. I hope you guys are having an awesome summer! And I will be updating, just probably far less personal fashion shots. And I'm hoping to be going to New York in the fall, so my outfits will not go to waste! But admit it, the river shoes are kind of cool...


  1. At least your camping...ive always wanted to go to an away camp