Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Guess what?!?! I'm going to ITALIA this summer!!! For all you followers out there, I did a post about my awesome marketing professor. She's teaching a fashion marketing class in Rome for two weeks and afterwards we're going to Milan for fashion shows. This is a total dream come true! I just have to get my visa together...

P.S. I've never been to Italy before. Any suggestions? Places I have to see? People I need to stalk (cough cough, Valentino....)
xo, Alexi


  1. Oh my god, I am so freaking jealous!!!

  2. 天下沒有意把鑰匙,可以打開所有的門......................................................

  3. omg have fun!!!!!
    my mom use to live there and shes been telling me that they make custom sandals in little shops on the street so if youhave a chance check them out!

  4. I am italian and if you're going to Milan (where I study and live) it won't be difficult for you to find some interesting spots to shop at! :)
    suggestions? well the "quadrilatero" (Via Montenapoleone & co) where you'll find all the "bigger" brands, Brera zone, full of lovely shops (also the brand new Marc by Marc Jacobs flagship store) and Corso di Porta Ticinese, a lively area where vintage shops are many and very interesting!


  5. Your going to have such an amazing time!! Italy is just beautiful!

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