Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 Things I Don't Hate About You (Genny)

1) Genny does not have love handles. Correction: one love handle.
2) She's always got amazing facebook profile pictures.
3) I randomly find her jogging outside, in the gym, or up and down the hallway.
4) She has cool boarding school friends... aka her friends are better than yours. Be jealous.
5) Genny listens to cool music.
6) This woman has started her own religion. Tell me, do you believe in The Holy Power of Snow Faries? Because I do.
7) She was totally my resident last year.
8) She was one of the few that actually came to programs. Thanks, Genny.
9) Her bedsheets are Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
10) Her shoes take up half of the closet. Once again, be jealous.

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